Quality Of Life... the effects of Treatment

We believe that you should not only survive your prostate cancer, but have a meaningful and happy future once you do.

Side effects from treatment can affect the quality of your life. Each treatment option has a somewhat different side effect profile. In addition, these side effects can vary, depending on the technique used and the skill of the treating physician.

Quality of life begins with an understanding of your current status and how treatment will affect you, personally. At Lakewood Ranch Oncology Center, you will receive a full explanation of the potential effects on bowel,

urinary and sexual function from the experience we have had performing these treatments on thousands of patients during the past 25 years.

As most patients with prostate cancer will lead relatively normal lives without recurrence after treatment, our research efforts at Lakewood Ranch Oncology Center focus on technical improvements and therapeutic interventions that help minimize the risk of cancer recurrence and maximize your quality of life after treatment.

For example, Dr. Sylvester recently published the results of his technical improvements in prostate cancer treatment in 1131 consecutive patients. He demonstrated a 100% success rate at avoiding rectal overdosage, a feat never before published.

(Sylvester et al; Modern Seattle Technique...Brachytherapy May 2009)

A Word From Dr. Sylvester...

After a diagnosis of prostate cancer is made it is common to feel shocked, and to want to treat it immediately, “just get it out”. But prostate cancer is different than many other cancers. The cancer is frequently (microscopically) outside the prostate at time of diagnosis - so just getting the prostate out does not mean that all the cancer is gone. Keep in mind that there are many options each with its own advantages and disadvantages. You have time to think about your options and make a fully informed decision. I believe each man with prostate cancer should know all his options prior to making a decision on how to deal with his diagnosis. Ideally that means an in depth discussion with a Urologist and an in depth discussion with a Radiation Oncologist, preferably one that subspecializes in prostate cancer. The good news is that cure rates for prostate cancer have increased tremendously and the side effects have decreased dramatically. We have technology now that we could only dream of just a few short years ago. While today's results are excellent, the future looks even better.

Personally, I spend as much time with each patient as that individual needs. I like to individualize treatment, as different men have different priorities, prognoses and pretreatment health issues - all of which need to be taken into account before embarking on a treatment regimen. John Sylvester M.D. ~ Radiation Oncologist
Medical Director / Lakewood Ranch Oncology Center

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